GOAL Setting 

Early Childhood Education

There are a variety of career paths for Early Childhood Educators. 

The following guide will help you discover which is right for you, set goals, and take next steps.  


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*Understanding the difference between Certificates, Diplomas, Classification, and Certification

It's important to distinguish between certificates and diplomas, which you earn with us, and classification and certification, which the provincial government handles. Terminology varies by province   

NSCECE provides your education and practicum experience and will issue you an Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) Certificate or an ECE Diploma. 

Certification of your Classification is issued by Classification Services, Early Years Branch, at the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development. (We do not certify your level-one or level-two classification.) 

The requirements for classification and the requirements to work in specific centres evolve with industry standards. You can find up-to-date information here: https://www.ednet.ns.ca/earlyyears/pd/ClassificationforStaff.shtml



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